ⓘ MK 101 cannon

MK 101 cannon

ⓘ MK 101 cannon

The MK 101 is the designation of a 30 mm autocannon used in German combat aircraft during World War II. Although accurate and powerful, with a high muzzle velocity, it was very heavy, with a low rate of fire, which limited its production.

  • Minnesota, a Mk II field gun stands in the center of Cannon Park, which is also at the center of the city of Wabasha. Bloomingdale, New Jersey, a MK 1 field
  • with MW - 50 boost and the 3 cm MK 108 cannon However, combat missions against the 15th USAAF had come to an end, and the 101 st s main adversary was the Red
  • Boulton Paul Type F nose turret, 2x 20 mm 0.787 in Hispano MK IV cannon or Hispano Mk V cannon in a Bristol B.17 dorsal turret and 2x 0.5 in 12.70 mm
  • fixed external ladder. Lysander TT Mk III Lysander Mk Is, Mk IIs and Mk IIIs converted into target tugs. Lysander TT Mk IIIA 100 dedicated target tugs. P
  • class on new warships by the BL 4 inch gun Mk VIII, which fired a 31 - pound 14 kg shell. From 1906 a number of Mk III guns were transferred from the Royal
  • side - firing 20mm XM - 197 Gatling cannon four wing pylons and a center fuselage station for external ordnance. The 20mm cannon was essentially a three - barrel
  • Johnson Light Machine Gun LMG 30 - 06 Browning M2HB 50 BMG M4 cannon M2 cannon 50 caliber machine gun Browning M2 M1919 Browning machine gun M1
  • Designed armament was four 30 mm 1.2 in MK 108 cannon in the nose a field conversion kit was to retrofit two MK 108s in a Schrage Musik configuration.
  • was designed to fly close to bomber formations and open fire from its MK 108 cannon at point - blank range. The E.381 began in a proposal from Arado Flugzeugwerke
  • The Tank, Infantry, Mk IV A22 Churchill was a British heavy infantry tank used in the Second World War, best known for its heavy armour, large longitudinal

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