ⓘ Party (disambiguation)

Party (disambiguation)

ⓘ Party (disambiguation)

A party is a social gathering.

Party may also refer to:

  • Lists of political parties
  • Political party, an organized group of people with same ideology who field candidates for elections
  • Party law, a person or group of persons composing a single entity for the purposes of the law

1. Film, television, radio and theatre

  • Party 2019 film, an Tamil-language comedy film
  • Party 2001 film, an Iranian film starring Hedieh Tehrani
  • Party, a stage play by Tom Basden
  • "Party!", a 1986 episode of Pee-wees Playhouse
  • Party 2018 film, an Marathi-language film
  • "Party", a 1995 episode of Beavis and Butt-Head
  • Party 1994 film, an American short film
  • Party 1996 film, a Portuguese-French comedy-drama
  • "Party", a 2007 episode of The Mighty Boosh
  • Party 2006 film, a Telugu-language comedy film
  • Party 1984 film, a Hindi-language film
  • "Party", a 2001 episode of the sitcom Undergrads
  • "The Party", an episode of The Office British TV series
  • Party radio series, a BBC Radio 4 sitcom adapted from the play

2.1. Music Albums

  • Party Nick Swardson album, 2007
  • Party, by Yellowman, 1991
  • Beach Boys Party!, by The Beach Boys, 1967
  • Party Pet Shop Boys album, 2009
  • Party Iggy Pop album, 1981
  • Party, by Bloodstone, 1984
  • Party Aldous Harding album, 2017

2.2. Music Songs

  • "Party" JP Cooper song, 2016
  • "Party" Christine Anu song, 1995
  • "Party", a song by Queen, from the 1989 album The Miracle
  • "Party" Beyonce song, 2011
  • "Party Follow Me", a song by Hyuna from the 2017 EP Following
  • Party Nick Swardson album, a 2007 comedy album
  • "Party" Paulo Londra song, 2019
  • "Party" Ofenbach and Lack of Afro song, 2017
  • "Party", a song by DJ Mustard, from the 2016 album Cold Summer
  • "Party" The Blue Hearts song, 1993
  • "Party", a song by Boston from the 1978 album Dont Look Back
  • "Party", a song by Adore Delano from the 2014 album Till Death Do Us Party
  • "Party" Ringo Starr song, unreleased
  • "Party", a song by Demi Lovato, from the 2008 album Dont Forget
  • "Party" Chris Brown song, 2016
  • "Party" Girls Generation song, 2015
  • "Party", a song by The D4, from the 2001 album 6twenty
  • "Party", a song by Kris Kross, from the 1992 album Totally Krossed Out
  • "Party", a song by Elvis Presley, from the 1957 album Loving You


3. Other uses

  • Party Sydney newspaper, by the Communist Party of Australia from June 1942
  • Party magazine, a Chinese literary magazine
  • Party, a partition of the field in heraldry
  • Party role-playing games, a group of characters adventuring together in a game
  • PARTIES Protected Area Run Time Interface Extension Services, in computing
  • PARTY Program Prevent Alcohol and Risk Related Trauma in Youth, an international health promotion program