ⓘ Trams in Khabarovsk

Trams in Khabarovsk

ⓘ Trams in Khabarovsk

The Tram in Khabarovsk is the primary transportation in Khabarovsk, Russia. The first section opened in 5 November 1956. The last time the network was expanded in 1979. Today, the Khabarovsk Tram network consists of 4 operating routes.


1. List of routes

1. Chemical Pharmaceutical Factory – Khabarovsk Railway Station

2. Khabarovsk Railway Station – Ruberoidnyi zavod

5. Kirov Town – Khabarovsk Railway Station

6. No.19 School – Lazo District

  • Pyongyang Railway University to enrol at the Far Eastern Federal University in Khabarovsk and to allow other North Korean railway experts to receive further
  • in 2005. Electrification of the last segment of the Trans - Siberian Railway from Khabarovsk Хабаровск to Vladivostok Владивосток was completed in 2002
  • crashed in the foothills of Sikhote - Alin mountain range east of Khabarovsk after the crew bailed out. On 11 November 1944, during a night raid on Omura in Kyushu
  • Irkutsk Yakutsk Khabarovsk Vladivostok Magadan Yuzhno - Sakhalinsk Petropavlovsk - Kamchatsky Kaliningrad Russia is the largest country in the world its total
  • inner suburbs. Portland has a commuter aerial cableway, the Portland Aerial Tram which connects the South Waterfront district on the Willamette River to
  • Yerofey Khabarov, second Russian to explore the Amur River, founder of Khabarovsk Stepan Krasheninnikov, explorer and author of the first detailed description
  • station Russian: Ярославский вокзал is one of the nine main railway stations in Moscow. Situated on Komsomolskaya Square close to the Kazansky and Leningradsky

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