ⓘ Mother (1999 film, Russia)

Mother (1999 film, Russia)

ⓘ Mother (1999 film, Russia)

This story began a long time ago. Having lost her husband, who was imprisoned for stealing coal and was killed during the escape, Polina, the mother of six children, was left without any support.

To make ends meet, Polina founded a family folk music ensemble. Soon, however, she realizes that her children were worthy of a better fate, and she makes a desperate decision to escape the Soviet Union by hijacking the commercial airliner the family was traveling aboard.

Fifteen years later, Polina is released from prison to learn that fate has scattered her children all over the country: one is illegally fighting in a bar, another is chopping coal in the Donbass. Her oldest, Leonid, is still in a psychiatric hospital, having pretended to be mentally ill for 15 years to avoid prosecution for the hijacking.

In the final scenes, Polian again gathers her sons to free their elder brother from the hospital.


1. Cast

  • Yelena Panova as young Polina
  • Nonna Mordyukova as Polina
  • Roman Madyanov as sergeant
  • Mikhail Krylov as Yuri
  • Yevgeny Mironov as Pavel
  • Nikolai Chindyajkin as head physician
  • Natalia Soldatova as Stewardess
  • Aleksei Kravchenko as Vasily
  • Vladimir Mashkov as Nikolay
  • Andrei Panin as father
  • Oleg Menshikov as Leonid
  • Bolot Beyshenaliyev as old northerner
  • Pavel Lebeshev as icebreakers captain
  • Maksim Sukhanov as special hospitals head

2. Awards and nominations

  • Kinotavr - Best Music Eduard Artemyev
  • Honfleur Festival of Russian Cinema - Audience Award Denis Yevstigneyev
  • Tokyo International Film Festival - Tokyo Grand Prix
  • Russian Guild of Film Critics - Best Actress Nonna Mordyukova
  • Nika Award - Best Music Eduard Artemyev
  • Kinotavr - Full-Length Film