ⓘ Gorky 2: My Apprenticeship

Gorky 2: My Apprenticeship

ⓘ Gorky 2: My Apprenticeship

Alyosha Peshkov goes to work with his uncle, a draftsman, then a dishwasher, after which he goes to learn icon painting. He is kind and honest in nature, he cannot accept the surrounding injustice and he is on is without housing.


1. Starring

  • Nadezhda Berezovskaya as Ivanovna-Sergeyeva, daughter as N. Berezovskaya
  • Irina Zarubina as Natalya, the washer-woman
  • Varvara Massalitinova as Akulina Ivanovna Kashirina
  • Aleksei Lyarsky as Aleksei Peshkov later, Maxim Gorky
  • Aleksandr Timontayev as Smury, the cook as A. Timontayev
  • Darya Zerkalova as The Rich Woman With Books segment "like Queen Margo" as D. Zerkalova
  • Ye. Seleznyov as Viktor Ivanov, son
  • Mikhail Povolotsky as Sergei, the ships waiter
  • Ye. Lilina as Matriona Ivanovna
  • Ivan Kudryavtsev as Sergeyev, the son-in-law as I. Kudryavtsev