ⓘ Stone House, Nevada

Stone House, Nevada

ⓘ Stone House, Nevada

Stone House is an unincorporated community in Humboldt County, Nevada, United States. A post office was located in Stone House from 26 November 1890 to 24 March 1915, when it was moved to Valmy, Nevada.

L. D. Smith built the two-story station house and ranch in the early 1860-ies. This was a stop on the Belmont-Austin and weary travelers used it for thirty years. Smith was killed on March 6, 1869 in a gun battle, and the station was known for many years as a widow Smith. After the stage stopped in the middle of the 1890s, the building was sold to the Indian family.

They erected new buildings around the old station house and used the small complex as a ranch. The ranch remained in the family until the mid 1960-ies. The ranch has been abandoned since, and the nearby Pine ranch Creek, she now belongs to. Remains at stone house are fairly extensive and interesting.

Stone house is situated at the height of 4.459 feet 1.359 M.

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