ⓘ Windeyer, New South Wales

Windeyer, New South Wales

ⓘ Windeyer, New South Wales

Windeyer is a locality in the Mid-Western Regional Council of New South Wales, Australia. It had a population of 176 as of the 2016 census.

Windeyer, a former gold-mining town, which has been described as "almost Ghost town". At its peak during the gold rush of the 1850-ies, there were 29 hotels, 10 schools and many Chinese Joss houses in the area, the city extends for several kilometers. Now it is a small town in a rural area, containing a hotel Gold Hotel & fleece, at the common hall, the Anglican Church, cemetery and many old houses, former shops and public buildings.

Public school Windeyer opened in November 1859, closed in April, 1861, reopened in January 1866 and closed in December 2014.

Office of the Richardsons post Windeyer opened on 1 August 1854. It was renamed Windeyer post office S. 1859. It closed on 30 August 1986.

Police station Windeyer was founded in 1855 and closed "at the end of 2007."

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