ⓘ Joint venture broker


ⓘ Joint venture broker

Joint venture brokers are people who connect business joint venture partners together for profit making projects. The joint venture brokers will earn a pre-negotiated percentage of the profits earned from the joint venture that they helped put together.

Joint venture brokers are skilled networkers that can find key people/businesses in different niches and connect them to other people/businesses in the same niche in order to share one businesses products/services with another businesses customers. A joint venture broker must tread lightly and be aware not to put direct competitors together as partners, but find indirect competitors that both market to the same target audiences with different and complementary products/services. In finding such suitable partners, great joint venture partnerships can be created.

Often a joint venture broker will be hired by a business that has either a product, service, or a customer base that could be better monetized. The product/service owner will be seeking partners who have a customer base that is targeted to their product/service. Like-wise the person/business with a customer base often ezine electronic magazine/newsletter publishers or high traffic webmasters) will be seeking products and services related to their customers interests so they can market them to their customers.

The joint venture broker may be hired by either of these two partner types in order to connect them with each other to create successful and profitable joint ventures. The joint venture broker will often find multiple suitable partners for their clients to joint venture with, thus producing greater profits of which the broker is often paid a pre-negotiated percentage of sales.

  • Group operated WSG Oceania Pty Ltd., PGA Tour Enterprises Pty Ltd. a joint venture Sports Marketing and Management Pty Ltd., Javelin Pty Ltd. in Europe:
  • Insurance Company Limited is an Indian general insurance company and a joint venture between the Tata Group and American International Group AIG Tata
  •, Inc. was purchased by Trader Publishing Company, a joint business venture of Landmark Media Enterprises and Cox Enterprises. In September
  • it made its joint venture with the Vietnamese brand Highlands Coffee public. Jollibee had signed an agreement to make their joint venture firm Superfoods
  • chequing accounts, savings accounts, loans, mortgages were provided as a joint venture with the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce which began in 1996. CIBC
  • Max Life Insurance is a part of the Max India Ltd. Group. It is a joint venture between Max Financial Services and Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company
  • entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and philanthropist. Kopelman is best known as a founder of First Round Capital, a pioneering seed - stage venture fund that
  • news company Reuters signed a joint venture agreement to market Stockmaster worldwide outside of North America. This venture lasted for 10 years and was
  • non - life insurance company, Malayan Insurance, a life insurance company joint venture with Sun Life Financial Philippines, SunLifeGREPA Financial, Inc. the
  • Great Oaks Entertainment was a short - lived joint venture production studio formed in 1995 between John Hughes and Ricardo Mestres, both of whom had production

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