ⓘ Maud Hospital

Maud Hospital

ⓘ Maud Hospital

The hospital was designed by Alexander Ellis and opened as the Buchan Combination Poorhouse and Maud Home in 1867. It joined the National Health Service in 1948 but after the introduction of Care in the Community in the early 1980s, it went into a period of decline and, following a consultation by Aberdeenshire Community Health Partnership in 2005, it closed in October 2008.

  • Gladys Maud Sandes Alston FRCS 5 November 1897 17 January 1968 was an Irish surgeon and venereologist and the first woman surgeon at the London Lock
  • Irene Maud Longman nee Bayley 24 April 1877 29 July 1964 was a politician in Queensland, Australia. She was the first woman to stand and be elected
  • Freezers, leaving Maureen to run the business with Maud Maureen was shocked when, during a visit to France, Maud admitted to her that she had been the result
  • approximately 30 km north of Paris, France. The hospital was started by Dr Frances Ivens and founder of SWH, Dr Elsie Maud Inglis. It was especially noted for its
  • Princess Victoria and Princess Maud were in attendance Dr Taaffe changed the name of the hospital to the Royal Alexandra Hospital for Sick Children in honour
  • married at Hampton Court on 12 September 2009. The couple s first child, Maud Elizabeth Daphne Marina, was born at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center on
  • Daisy Maud Bellis February 16, 1887 1971 was an American painter. Bellis was a native of Waltham, Massachusetts her birthplace has also been given
  • Maud Evelyn Craven Jeffries 14 December 1869  26 September 1946 was an American actress. A popular subject for a wide range of theatrical post - cards

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