ⓘ Tabaluga (film)

Tabaluga (film)

ⓘ Tabaluga (film)

Tabaluga is a German animated fantasy family film directed by Sven Unterwaldt Jr. and starring Wincent Weiss in the title role. The film is based on the media franchise of the same name created by German Rock musician Peter Maffay. An American version, which was released in November 2019 on DirecTV and is set to be released on December 27, 2019, in theaters and VOD, starring Mackenzie Ziegler, was renamed Ice Princess Lily. The story follows a young dragon, Tabaluga, who teams up with an ice princess, Lilli, to save the world from the evil snowman, Arktos.


1. Synopsis

Tabaluga the last dragon on Earth, is growing up in lush Greenland. While searching for his dragon fire, he meets a beautiful ice princess, Lilli, from frozen Iceland. The inhabitants of the two lands are highly suspicious of each other, but Tabaluga and Lilli are surprised to find out that the prejudices are wrong, and they like each other. Lilli takes Tabaluga to see Arktos, the ruler of Iceland, not knowing that Arktos has frozen all the dragons and killed Tabalugas parents. Arktos tries to kill Tabaluga with his magical ice weapons, but Lilli and her polar bear friend Limbo help him to escape and go with him to Greenland. Tabaluga and Lilli begin a romance. Arktos sends an army to invade Greenland. Tabalugas old raven guardian, Kolk, advises him to visit the wise Nessaja in the swamps, who tells him that his fire was always in his heart, though the dragon does not believe her at first. Lilli returns to Iceland to try to inspire a popular uprising against Arktos, but he captures her and then traps Tabaluga, who follows her. When Arktos moves to kill Lily, Tabaluga finds his fire and fights against Arktoss ice weapons. Lilli steals Arktoss hat, which blinds Arktos, and Tabaluga is able to melt Arktos to a tiny size; Arktos flees. The Icelanders and Greenlanders become friends.


2. German voice cast

  • Peter Maffay as Nessaja, the wise turtle
  • Michael Herbig as Gluckskafer Bully, Tabalugas ladybug friend
  • Wincent Weiss as Tabaluga
  • Rick Kavanian as Eisbar Limbo, Lillis polar bear friend
  • Yvonne Catterfeld as Eisprinzessin Lilli Princess Lilli
  • Heinz Hoenig as Arktos

3. English voice cast

  • Richard Waugh as Kolk / Polar Bear / Snowkid Rabbit / Male Rabbit
  • Zach Bennett as Emra / Frog
  • Kristin Fairlie as Lilli International version
  • Kevin Dennis as Bully / Snow Kid Rabbit / Male Rabbit
  • Dan Petronijevic as Limbo
  • Elizabeth Hanna as Nessaja / Swift
  • Cameron Ansell as Tabaluga
  • Mackenzie Ziegler as Lily American version
  • Rick Miller as Mirmel / Tyrion / Narrator
  • Benedict Campbell as Arktos
  • Ellen-Ray Hennessy as Mythia / Beaver / Ice Lady Bug