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The name Zweibrucken means two bridges. Older forms of the name include Middle High German Zweinbrucken, Latin Geminus Pons and Bipontum, and French Deux-Ponts, all with the same meaning.

  • Christian III, Count Palatine of Zweibrucken - Birkenfeld Strassburg, 7 November 1674 Zweibrucken 3 February 1735 was a German nobleman. He was a member
  • Palatine of Zweibrucken - Birkenfeld 6 September 1722 in Bischweiler 5 November 1775 in Herschweiler - Pettersheim was Duke of Zweibrucken from 1735 to
  • Palatinate - Birkenfeld - Zweibrucken was a state of the Holy Roman Empire based around the Duchy of Zweibrucken in modern Rhineland - Palatinate, Germany.
  • sources however, the RCAF assumed control of the Zweibrucken base on January 6, 1953. RCAF Station Zweibrucken also known as 3 Wing or 3 F Wing was one
  • Zweibrucken Airport IATA: ZQW, ICAO: EDRZ or Flughafen Zweibrucken in German, is a regional airport and former minor international airport in Zweibrucken
  • forest, around Zweibrucken The seat of the municipality is in Zweibrucken itself not part of the municipality. The Verbandsgemeinde Zweibrucken - Land consists
  • The County of Zweibrucken German: Grafschaft Zweibrucken was a territory in the Holy Roman Empire named for Zweibrucken in the contemporary Land Rhineland - Palatinate
  • of Zweibrucken German: Pfalzgraf Ludwig I. von Pfalz - Zweibrucken der Schwarze 1424 19 July 1489 was Count Palatine and Duke of Zweibrucken and
  • Louis II of Zweibrucken German: Pfalzgraf Ludwig II. von Zweibrucken - Neuburg der Jungere 14 September 1502 3 December 1532 was Count Palatine

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