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Sanguesa is a city in Navarre, Spain, 44.5 kilometers from Pamplona. It lies close to the River Aragon and in 2007 had a population of 5.128. It is located on the Way of Saint James. It has been an important stopping point for pilgrims since the Middle Ages and has preserved its medieval character.

Sangüesa-Zangoza is the historic capital of one of the six merindades into which the Old Kingdom of Navarre was divided.

In 1089, the year a bridge was built across the river Aragon and Sancho Ramirez is the town to its present location. In the year 1121, Alfonso El Batallador Alfonso Butler extended p Jaca in the town of Sangüesa, which has greatly expanded opportunities for the Frankish merchants, to settle here.

  • heir and the regent and general governor of Navarre, and she moved to Sanguesa She continued as regent after the death of her brother in 1461. In 1462
  • council Sancho gave Ramiro possession of Lerda, Undues and the castle of Sanguesa These places were probably to be held as fiefs or in a similar arrangement
  • councils of several medium - sized urban areas like Tolosa Gipuzkoa or Sanguesa Navarre In smaller rural towns, the party always supported or created
  • town of Javier Navarre, Spain 52 km east of Pamplona and 7 km east of Sanguesa Built in the 10th century, this castle was the birthplace and childhood
  • 1 77 91. doi: 10.1023 A: 1008331413864. Cortes, U. Sànchez - Marre, M. Sanguesa R. Comas, J. Roda, I. Poch, M. Riaño, D. 1 January 2001 Knowledge
  • façades of Santa Maria de Ripoll, of the Church of Santa Maria la Real, Sanguesa of the monastery of San Pedro el Viejo Huesca and the cloister of the
  • thus secured to Aragon. Alfonso also reached an agreement, the Treaty of Sanguesa 1168 with Sancho VI of Navarre dividing the territory of the Taifa of
  • Lobera 1596 1611 : Martin Terrer de Valenzuela 1614 1624 : Tomas Cortes de Sanguesa 1625 1633 : Fernando de Valdes y Llanos 1633 1635 : Pedro Apaolaza Ramirez

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