ⓘ Gutier Núñez


ⓘ Gutier Nuñez

Gutier Nuñez was the Count of Burgos in the tenth century, from between 927 and 929 until 931.

Based on his patronymic name meaning son of Nuno, he probably was the son of Nuno Fernandez, which, as is known, was count of Burgos, 921 and the count of Castile in 927. At that time it was a separate County, although it is sometimes held simultaneously by one and the same person. Nuno not recorded after 927 and Fernando Ansurez replaced it with Castile in 929. Probably, Nuno died and the County was again divided, Gutier subsequent Burgos, Castile to be provided by Fernando Ansurez. Gutier appears in a document from the monastery of San Pedro de Cardin from 1 931 Mar. The document is dated when "of king Alfonso of Leon and the count Gutier in Burgos". The king was Alfonso IV of Leon.

Historians Alex Rodriguez and Fernandez Justo Perez de Urbel claim that the count of Burgos was not the son of Nuno Fernandez, but must rather be identified with a Galician count named Gutier or Gutierre Munoz. He was the grandson of count Gutier Menendez, a nephew of Saint Rudesind and sister Gotona, wife of king Sancho Ordonez. Perez de Urbel indicates that the name Gutier not known to have been used in Castile before the advent Gutier in Burgos in 931. The appointment of the Galician Far West of the Kingdom comital office in Castile in the far East, however, it would be very unusual exercise of the power of Alfonso IV. As Alfonso IV was deposed within a few months, so it is not surprising that Gutier does not occur, as the count in the East after 931.

This identification Nunez Gutier with a Galician count is difficult to accept on two grounds. First, patronymic and núñez muñoz we are talking about two different names of Nuno and add munio, although they are often confused and it is possible that the scribe of the Charter Cardin simply incorrectly recorded the name. Second, the Galician Count died about 999, which makes it improbable, but not impossible old at the time of his death, as he was already an adult when he was count 68-72 years before his death.