ⓘ M2/M4/M6 (railcar)

M2/M4/M6 (railcar)

ⓘ M2/M4/M6 (railcar)

The M2, M4 and M6 were three similar series of electric multiple unit rail cars produced by the Budd Company M2, Tokyu Car Corporation M4, and Morrison Knudsen M6 for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and the Connecticut Department of Transportation. Initially branded as the Cosmopolitans, the cars were later more popularly known under their model names, M2 1970s cars, M4 1980s cars, M6 1990s cars. They ran on the New Haven Line then part of Penn Central, now a part of Metro North for most of their service life.

  • The M - 497 nicknamed Black Beetle by the press was an experimental jet - powered railcar test bed of the New York Central Railroad, developed and tested
  • railcars were a self - propelled railcar built by the South Australian Railways Islington Railway Workshops between 1955 and 1971. The Redhen railcars
  • introduced the first of what was to become a very successful series of railcars which survived in regular use into the 1960s, when they were replaced
  • The Hunter Railcars also known as J Sets, are a class of diesel multiple unit built by UGL Rail, Broadmeadow for CityRail between November 2006 and September
  • of MAN in 1990. The naming scheme is GTxN M S K from German Gelenk - Triebwagen articulated propelled railcar with x axles for a specific gauge Normalspur
  • class railcars were a group of 3rd class petrol - powered railcars of the Chosen Government Railway Sentetsu There were five types of such railcars built
  • the lines that used to run M 1, M2 and M 3 were merged to create one line, M 1. The Kızılay to Ataturk Cultural Center link of M4 is not yet opened and remains
  • The South Maitland Railways railcar was a class of diesel railcar built by Tulloch Limited for the South Maitland Railway SMR in 1961. Having had all
  • The Pioneer III railcar was a short medium - distance coach designed and built by the Budd Company in 1956 with an emphasis on weight savings. A single
  • Diesel Car, RDC or Buddliner is a self - propelled diesel multiple unit DMU railcar Between 1949 and 1962, 398 RDCs were built by the Budd Company of Philadelphia

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