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ⓘ Bassist

A bassist, or bass player, is a musician who plays a bass instrument such as a double bass, bass guitar, synthbass, keyboard bass or a low brass instrument such as a tuba or sousaphone. Different musical genres tend to be associated with one or more of these instruments. Since the 1960s, the electric bass has been the standard bass instrument for funk, R&B, soul music, rock and roll, reggae, jazz fusion, heavy metal, country and pop music. The double bass is the standard bass instrument for classical music, bluegrass, rockabilly, and most genres of jazz. Low brass instruments such as the tuba or sousaphone are the standard bass instrument in Dixieland and New Orleans-style jazz bands.

Despite the associations of different bass instruments with certain genres, there are exceptions. Some new rock bands and bassist used a double bass, such as Lee Rocker of Stray Cats, Barenaked Ladies and Tiger Army. Larry Graham, Bernard Edwards, Mick Hogan, Andy Fraser, and Mel Schacher used Electrick Bass guitar. Some funk, R&B and jazz, fusion groups use synth bass or keyboard bass rather than electric bass. Bootsy Collins, Stevie Wonder, Kashif and Kevin McCordOne Way used synth bass. Some Dixieland bands use double bass or electric bass instead of a tuba. In some jazz groups and jam bands, the basslines are played by a Hammond organ player, who uses the bass pedal keyboard or the lower manual for the low notes.


1. Electric bass players

Electric bassists play the bass guitar. In most rock, pop, metal and country genres, the bass line outlines the harmony of the music being performed, while simultaneously indicating the rhythmic pulse. In addition, there are many different standard bass line types for different genres and types of song. Bass lines often emphasize the root note, with a secondary role for the third, and fifth of each chord being used in a given song. In addition, pedal tones repeated or sustained single notes, ostinatos, and bass riffs are also used as bass lines. While most electric bass players rarely play chords three or more notes all sounded at the same time, chords are used in some styles, especially funk, R&B, soul music, jazz, Latin and heavy metal music.

A short list of notable bassists includes:

  • Billy Sheehan
  • Victor Bailey Weather Report
  • Wayne Pedzwater
  • Mark King Level 42
  • David Hood Muscle Shoals sound
  • Paul McCartney The Beatles, Wings
  • Adam Clayton U2
  • Mick Karn Japan
  • Mark Adams Funk band:Slave
  • Jimmy Earl Stanley Clarke, Chick Corea
  • Joseph Karnes Fitz and The Tantrums
  • Paul Simonon The Clash
  • Neil Jason
  • Robert Trujillo Suicidal Tendencies, Metallica
  • Carol Kaye studio musician on many recordings
  • Jaco Pastorius
  • Simon Gallup the Cure
  • Tony Campos
  • Bernard Edwards Chic
  • Colin Greenwood Radiohead
  • Steve Harris Iron Maiden
  • Dave Farrell Linkin Park
  • Kim Gordon Sonic Youth
  • Roger Glover Deep Purple
  • Stuart Hamm
  • Melvin Lee Davis
  • Jimmy Haslip
  • John Deacon Queen
  • Larry Graham Sly and the Family Stone, Graham Central Station
  • Marcus Miller
  • Nicky Wire Manic Street Preachers
  • Chris Squire Yes
  • Bill Wyman The Rolling Stones
  • Geddy Lee Rush
  • Guy Pratt
  • Cliff Burton Trauma, Metallica
  • Kevin McCord funk Band: One way
  • Mel Schacher Grand Funk Railroad
  • Donald Duck Dunn Booker T & MGs, Stax Records
  • Billy Gould Faith No More
  • Jeroen Paul Thesseling Obscura, Pestilence
  • Nate Dominy Gifts From Enola
  • Monk Montgomery
  • Darryl Jones
  • Scott Pilgrim
  • Steve Di Giorgio Death, Testament
  • Steven Severin Siouxsie and the Banshees
  • Fred Thomas James Brown
  • John Patitucci Chick Corea
  • John Myung Dream Theater
  • Victor Wooten
  • Geezer Butler
  • Robert "Kool" Bell Kool & the Gang
  • Chuck RaineyCrossover, R&B
  • Tommy Cogbill Aretha Franklin
  • Mikey Way My Chemical Romance
  • Justin Chancellor Tool
  • Alain Caron Soloist, UZEB
  • John Paul Jones Led Zeppelin
  • Abraham Laboriel Koinonia
  • Nathan East
  • Michael "Flea" Balzary Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • Anthony Jackson
  • Doug Wimbish Sugarhill Gang
  • Stanley Clarke
  • Tina Weymouth Talking Heads
  • Jean-Jacques Burnel The Stranglers
  • Mike Dirnt Green Day
  • Peter Hook Joy Division New Order
  • John Entwistle The Who
  • Liam Carey The Bucket Boys
  • Andy Fraser Free
  • Sting The Police
  • Marco Hietala Nightwish, Tarot
  • Rex Brown Pantera, Down
  • Ian "Lemmy" Kilmister Motorhead
  • David Ellefson Megadeth
  • Ryan Martinie Mudvayne
  • Pino Palladino
  • Roger Waters Pink Floyd
  • Sid Vicious Sex Pistols
  • Jeff Ament Pearl Jam
  • Paul McGuigan Oasis
  • Jack Bruce Cream
  • Tommy Caldwell The Marshall Tucker Band
  • Ben Shepherd Soundgarden
  • Jerry Jemmott King Curtis
  • Steve Bailey
  • Ronnie Baker MFSB, Philly soul
  • Pino Presti
  • Jason Newsted
  • Mani The Stone Roses, Primal Scream
  • Paul Jackson Jr.Headhunters
  • James Jamerson The Funk Brothers of Motown
  • Bootsy Collins P Funk
  • program at Wayne State University, Davis became the bassist for the MC5 in 1964, replacing original bassist Pat Burrows when singer Rob Tyner and guitarist
  • also played on George Benson s Give Me the Night. He was one of three bassists on Herb Alpert s 1979 album Rise, which included its top - 10, Grammy - winning
  • Fred Thomas is an American bassist best known for his work with singer James Brown for over thirty years. He performed on many R B hits of the 1970s.
  • November 30, 1973 is an American musician, best known as the current bassist and back - up vocalist for the heavy metal band Disturbed. Taking over in
  • Oscar Peterson and the Bassists Montreux 77 is a 1977 live album by Oscar Peterson. There Is No Greater Love Marty Symes, Isham Jones 6: 18 You
  • Chris White July 6, 1936 December 2, 2014 was an American jazz bassist Christopher Wesley White was born in Harlem, New York, and grew up in Brooklyn
  • Obsessed in 1992, and joined stoner rock band Kyuss who were without a bassist after the departure of Nick Oliveri. Reeder remained with Kyuss until they
  • Sergio Vega born August 25, 1970 is an American musician. He is the bassist of post - hardcore band Quicksand, which originated in New York City in 1990
  • Dylan Taylor is an American Bassist Cellist Composer and Arranger is currently residing in, and is known as a great veteran of, the Philadelphia area

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