ⓘ Educational architecture

Educational architecture

ⓘ Educational architecture

Originally, the term was only used for the physical building where education was given, for example a school. Later the term was also used for the design of the education process. An educational architect can therefore also be someone without an official architects title. Both the methodical as the physical structure of the education influence the learning outcomes.


1. Examples

Examples of educational architecture as redesign of the physical place are

  • applying standards for the indoor environment.
  • learning places instead of classrooms,

Examples of educational architecture as redesign of the education process are

  • designing courses,
  • the development of an virtual learning environment.

2. Also

  • Harvard Graduate Center; innovator of educational architecture
  • Joseph Fuller, G. Topham Forrest, Sadie Morgan; architects specialised in educational architecture.
  • Glenda Lappan, Robert Glaser; educational designers.
  • The Childrens Village at the Canuanã School; winner of the award "Best Building of Educational Architecture of the World" 2018