ⓘ Waldheim, Saxony

Waldheim, Saxony

ⓘ Waldheim, Saxony

It is situated in the valley of the Zschopau River, 9 km 5.6 mi southwest of Dobeln, and 28 km 17 mi north of Chemnitz. The municipal area comprises Waldheim proper, the localities of Reinsdorf, Massanei, Heiligenborn, and Schonberg, as well as parts of the former Ziegra-Knobelsdorf municipality with the localities of Gebersbach, Heyda, Knobelsdorf, Meinsberg, Neuhausen, and Rudelsdorf, which were incorporated in 2013.

Waldheim station located on Reese–Chemnitz railway served by Regionalbahn trains of the Deutsche Bahn and the private Vogtlandbahn railway company.

  • Mittelsachsen Central Saxony is a district Kreis in the Free State of Saxony Germany. The district was established by merging the former districts
  • begins a second four - year prison sentence for thefts and frauds, at Waldheim Saxony The David Sassoon Library in Bombay is completed. Thomas Bailey Aldrich
  • The List of railway routes in Saxony provides a list of all railway routes in Saxony eastern Germany. This includes Intercity - Express, Intercity, Regional - Express
  • trains each way on weekends which continued to and from Altenburg and Waldheim According to the winter timetable 1980 81 there were four daily trains
  • May completes a four - year prison sentence for thefts and frauds at Waldheim Saxony and has his first story, Die Rose von Ernstthal The Story of Rose
  • Seelze and the Hanoverian districts of Ahlem, Limmer, Linden, Waldhausen, Waldheim Kirchrode and Misburg - Sud to Lehrte. The 44 - kilometre - long 27 mi line
  • bankrupt due to the cost of structures needed between Waldheim und Dobeln. Unlike Prussia, Saxony never issued a railway law. This meant that every railway

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