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ⓘ Wolkenstein

Wolkenstein is a town in the district Erzgebirgskreis, in the Free State of Saxony, Germany. It is situated in the Ore Mountains, on the Zschopau River, 22 km southeast of Chemnitz.

The city is located on a rocky spur near the confluence of Zschopau and PreSnitz. Its name comes from the eponymous castle, which is California. 70 m above the river, and whose name means stone, which rises into the clouds. Aside from the town itself, Wolkenstein consists of the following units:

Of them Warmbad is a resort town known for its thermal springs with a variety of medical purposes.

  • 12 November 1550 Eleonore b. Wolkenstein 2 May 1551 d. Wolkenstein 24 April 1553 Elisabeth b. Wolkenstein 18 October 1552 d. imprisoned
  • lines: Chemnitz Floha Erdmannsdorf - Augustusburg Hennersdorf Wolkenstein Annaberg - Buchholz Cranzahl Barenstein Vejprty. Annaberg - Buchholz Floha
  • Rudolf Hockner 28 July 1864, Wolkenstein - 22 April 1942, Bad Mergentheim was a German Impressionist landscape and cityscape painter. His parents were
  • agricology VIII IX by Fabrice Fitch The Cosmopolitan Songs by Oswald von Wolkenstein Christophorus, 2014 with a preface by Dieter Kuhn Argentum et Aurum
  • a municipality on Mallorca in the Balearic Islands, Spain Selva aka Wolkenstein a commune in South Tyrol, Italy Selva dei Molini, Italian name for
  • correspondence and the Papal bull charging him to hire crusaders. Ich Wolkenstein by Dieter Kuhn Insel Verlag Frankfurt am Main, 1977 ISBN 3 - 458 - 32197 - 7
  • tourism, in Summer and Winter. The poet, composer and diplomat Oswald von Wolkenstein lived for a time in Seis. The German philosopher Wilhelm Dilthey died

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