ⓘ The Captain's Daughter (1958 film)

The Captain's Daughter (1958 film)

ⓘ The Captains Daughter (1958 film)

The film tells about the nobleman Grinyov, going to military service in the fortress, where he falls in love with the commanders daughter, Maria, and fights for her in a duel. After that, Pugachev organizes an uprising, conquers the fortress and executes Marias parents, but he gives Grinev the freedom. Soon he learns that Pugachevs accomplice forces Maria to marry him.


1. Cast

  • Sergei Lukyanov as Yemelyan Pugachyov
  • Irina Zarubina as Vasilisa Yegorovna
  • Vladimir Dorofeyev as Ivan Kuzmich
  • Oleg Strizhenov as Pyotr Grinyov
  • Iya Arepina as Masha Mironova
  • Anatoli Shishkov as Savelyich
  • Boris Novikov as Maksimych
  • Pavel Pavlenko as Ivan Ignatyevich
  • Vyacheslav Shalevich as Shvabrin
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