ⓘ The First Lad

The First Lad

ⓘ The First Lad

Sergeant Danila returns to his native village, where he organizes the construction of the stadium to make life in the village a bit more interesting, and Yushka, nicknamed" The First Lad”, becomes the first football player.


1. Cast

  • Tamara Alexeeva
  • Lyudmila Sosyura as Odarka
  • Varvara Chayka as The Mother of Odarka
  • Andrei Andrienko-Zemskov
  • Yuriy Satarov as Danila
  • Nikolay Shutko
  • Yelena Kovalenko
  • Grigori Karpov as Yushka
  • Mikhail Kramar
  • The Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Mumbai City Museum formerly the Victoria and Albert Museum is the oldest museum in Mumbai. Situated in the vicinity of Byculla
  • The Death of Ferro Lad is an American comic book story arc that was published as The Fatal Five by DC Comics, and was presented in Adventure Comics
  • writing style. The term combines the word lad which refers to a boy or young man and lit, which is short for literature. The term lad lit can be
  • The Unlikely Lad is the debut album from the UK singer Tyler James. It was released on 29 August 2005 on digital download only and subsequently failed
  • received by fans of the first novel, as well as new readers. Critics praised the stories as charming and entertaining finding Lad a delightful and
  • Kavita Lad Medhekar is an Indian actress, known for her work in Marathi Theatre, Television and Films. She was born in Thane. She is best known for her
  • The Lad from Old Ireland, also called A Lad from Old Ireland, is a one - reel 1910 American motion picture directed by and starring Sidney Olcott and written
  • The Tale of the Shifty Lad the Widow s Son is a Scottish fairy tale collected by John Francis Campbell in Popular Tales of the West Highlands. Andrew
  • Ferro Lad first appeared in Adventure Comics 346 and was created by Jim Shooter. When Jim Shooter first created the character, he intended Ferro Lad to
  • Windsor Lad was an Irish - bred, British - trained Thoroughbred racehorse. As a three - year - old in 1934 he won both The Derby and the St Leger in record time

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