ⓘ HNLMS Cerberus

HNLMS Cerberus

ⓘ HNLMS Cerberus

HNLMS Cereberus, was a Heiligerlee -class monitor built in Amsterdam for the Royal Netherlands Navy in the 1860s. The Cerberus was a true monitor: a ship with shallow draught, only a few guns and decent armor. These characteristics made her very suitable to operate way inland in the Dutch delta.

  • Pyrenees - Atlantiques. HNLMS Broederschap United Netherlands Navy Vlieter Incident, 30 August: The 54 - gun ship was captured by the Royal Navy. HNLMS Beschermer
  • g. for HNLMS Medusa. Also for HNLMS Bali, launched in Kinderdijk in 1856, and for HNLMS Wassenaar. Furthermore for HNLMS Groningen and HNLMS Djambi.
  • order of a ship engine for a warship was that for the 130 hp engines of HNLMS Phoenix 1836 It was also the first - ever order for a ship engine by Van
  • the fortress, but during the night the Dutch had called in the gunboat HNLMS Johan Maurits van Nassau, which returned fire with her three heavy 150 mm
  • and were destroyed by Dutch planes, and shelling from the Dutch destroyer HNLMS Van Galen. Following several ground skirmishes, German troops occupied the
  • TCG AĞ - 5  A - 1580 960 tonnes AN93 - class TCG AĞ - 6  A - 1581 855 tonnes ex HNLMS Cerberus A895 Tugboat 11 Isın - class TCG Isın  A - 583 2, 400 tonnes Inebolu - class
  • ship Portmar patrol boats Coongoola and Mavie and destroyers USS Peary and HNLMS Piet Hein were all sunk. Hajime Toyoshima crash - landed on Melville Island
  • Galen foundering after being bombed. A plan to commit the gunboats HNLMS Flores and HNLMS Johan Maurits van Nassau was therefore abandoned. At the Island
  • c. 1969 Left service HNLMS Boeroe HMAS Toowoomba Royal Netherlands Navy Acquired from RAN 5 June 1946 c. 1958 Left service HNLMS Morotai HMAS Ipswich

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