ⓘ Flagstaff Lake (Oregon)

Flagstaff Lake (Oregon)

ⓘ Flagstaff Lake (Oregon)

Flagstaff Lake is one of a group of interconnected, alkaline, high-desert lakes known as the Warner Lakes in the Warner Valley of Lake County in the U.S. state of Oregon. Flagstaff Lake lies between Upper Campbell Lake to the north and Swamp Lake to the south, about 40 miles northeast of Lakeview. It has a surface area of about 3.635 acres and a shoreline of about 13 miles.

Warner lakes vary in depth and scope depending on the weather and completely dry at times. Fish populations also vary. During the drought of 1988 and 1992 when all the lakes have dried up, some fish left stepping back in the 20 km 32 km Slough connected to the lakes. Historically, the species of fish in the lakes include crappie, brown bullhead, largemouth bass and redband trout.

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  • K24KG - D in Madras, Oregon K24KJ - D in Libby, Montana K24KM - D in Colstrip, etc., Montana K24KR - D in Jacks Cabin, Colorado K24KS - D in Flagstaff Arizona K24KT - D
  • K19II - D in Ardmore, Oklahoma K19IM - D in Duckwater, Nevada K19IP - D in Flagstaff Arizona K19IR - D in Enid, Oklahoma K19IS - D in Inyokern, California K19IU - D
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  • K14JY - D in Walker Lake Nevada K14JZ - D in Peetz, Colorado K14KD - D in Frost, Minnesota K14KE - D in St. James, Minnesota K14KK - D in Flagstaff Arizona K14KL - D
  • 1995 1996 Alaska Arctic Ice Anchorage, Alaska 1996 1999 Flagstaff Mountaineers Flagstaff Arizona 1996 1999 New Mexico Ice Breakers Albuquerque
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  • JB s chain also contains a single remaining Galaxy Diner on Route 66 in Flagstaff Arizona. The company is currently based in Tempe, Arizona. JB s Family

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