ⓘ Longhai City

Longhai City

ⓘ Longhai City

Longhai is a county-level city within the prefecture-level city of Zhangzhou, in the south of Fujian province, Peoples Republic of China. Longhai comprises territory on both banks of the lower Jiulong River, although most of its area is on the right bank. The left bank yields to Xiamen before reaching the sea, the right bank becomes the south shore of Xiamen Bay and is home to the Zhangzhou Port tariff-free industrial export zone, in Longhais Gangwei Town.

In longhai with a population of 801.100.

  • China s Shaanxi Province. Located on the Longhai Railway and just to the north of Xi an s historical walled city the station had long been the main train
  • in the city center. In 1998, the station was moved to the current site together with the relocation of Longhai railway out of Lianyungang city center
  • Liaoning, a county - level city in Liaoning Haicheng District, a district of Beihai, Guangxi Haicheng, Fujian 海澄镇 in Longhai Fujian Haicheng, Guangdong
  • connects it with Honghui. In Lanzhou, the railway intersects with the Longhai railway, both of which have their termini at Lanzhou. Then at the Lanzhou
  • forces attacked the Longhai railway line, a stronghold on the eastern provincial border of Henan. The railway linked the cities of Kaifeng, Zhengzhou
  • Expressway G30 Lianyungang Khorgas Expressway China National Highway 312 Longhai railway Xuzhou - Lanzhou High - Speed Railway Dingxi has been one of the most
  • a high - speed mainline from Lanzhou to Xuzhou, paralleling the existing Longhai Railway line. Presently, the existing Xuzhou - Zhengzhou line is used e.g

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