ⓘ The Magpie (film)

The Magpie (film)

ⓘ The Magpie (film)

The film takes place in Russia in the first half of the 19th century. The film tells about the successful actor Shchepin, visiting the theater of Prince Skalinsky, where he meets a gifted actress named Aneta.


1. Cast

  • Nikolai Shamin as Pomeshchik as N. Shamin
  • Vladimir Pokrovskiy as Knyaz as V. Pokrovskiy
  • Zinaida Kirienko as Aneta
  • Aleksandr Grave as Naslednik as V. Grave
  • Sergei Kalinin as Upravlyayushchiy as S. Kalinin
  • Viktor Korshunov as Stepan as V. Korshunov
  • Nikolai Afanasyev as Shchepin as N. Afanasyev
  • Anatoliy Kubatskiy as Ugryumov as A. Kubatskiy
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