ⓘ Chess (disambiguation)

Chess (disambiguation)

ⓘ Chess (disambiguation)

  • CHESS magazine, published monthly in the UK
  • Chess 2006 film, a Malayalam film
  • Chess 2008 film, the working title of the film Who Do You Love?
  • Chess Records, an American record label
  • Chess musical
  • Chess poem, a c. 1565 poem by Jan Kochanowski

1. Organizations

  • Chess Communication, a Norwegian mobile virtual network operator
  • Army CHESS Computer Hardware Enterprise Software and Solutions
  • Coalition of Higher Education Students in Scotland

2. Science and technology

  • Chess, a type of brome grass often considered a weed
  • Australian Clearing House and Electronic Sub-register System, an Australian electronic register of approved securities holdings
  • Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source, a high-intensity X-ray lightsource
  • This may also refer to: Chess in China international, western, chess Chinese Chess Association Chinese checkers Wei qi Go Chess disambiguation
  • Medieval Britain a board game unrelated to the chess family, that was supplanted by western chess Viking disambiguation Chess disambiguation
  • in the anime and manga series MAR: Marchen Awakens Romance Chesspiece song by Chinese singer Faye Wong, from the album Sky Chess disambiguation
  • Chess King was an American men s clothing retailer 1968 1995. Chess King or King of Chess may also refer to: King chess the most important piece in
  • Richard Chess may refer to: Richard B. Chess 1913 1982 American politician Richard Chess poet born 1953 American academic and poet
  • A chess player is someone who plays the game of chess Chess player or Chess Players may also refer to: Chess Player TV series or Go Player, 2006 Chinese
  • for the chess variant, see Modern chess for the series of chess books written by Garry Kasparov, see My Great Predecessors Modern Chess for the book about
  • Chess Monthly may refer to: The Chess Monthly 1857 - 1861 New York, edited by Daniel Willard Fiske Paul Morphy this is often referred to as American
  • game of chess It is based on a system of coordinates to uniquely identify each square on the chessboard. It is now standard among all chess organizations
  • Chess strategy and tactics may refer to: Chess strategy - long - term plans in chess Chess tactics - short - term plans in chess Chess Strategy and tactics - summary