ⓘ Employment Ice Age


ⓘ Employment Ice Age

Employment Ice Age is a period and generations in Japan that refers to people who got used to unstable and temporary employment beginning in 1990 until at least 2010 that has particularly affected Gen X and impacted their financial well being, health, outlook, and ability to start families. The government is worried about developing impacts as their focus has been on the existing explosion of elderly rather than those too poor to have ever started a family who themselves will be moving into old age largely absent the financial resources other generations had. Government efforts on this matter are deemed far too little and late and Nikkei claims makers remain unaware of the gravity of the situation.

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  • paid employment for the requisite 40 years before retirement to get full superannuation or pension benefits by the time they reached 60 years of age But
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  • have a capacity for manufacturing about 350 barrels daily, and give employment to about 60 men. This is the pioneer company in the manufacture of cement
  • Iittala Group Humppila Glassworks, and Maviteknik Oy engineering Employment structure by trade at the end of 2004 was following: Agriculture and forestry

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