ⓘ Granville D. Hall


ⓘ Granville D. Hall

Granville Davisson Hall was an American journalist, businessman and politician who helped found the state of West Virginia during the American Civil War. He served as the Secretary of State of West Virginia and as the private secretary of the first governor, Arthur Boreman, and eventually wrote seven books, including The Rending of Virginia to counteract the growing Lost Cause myth. After the Civil War, Hall became involved in the railroad industry in Kentucky, eventually becoming President of the Louisville and Nashville Railroad, but later moved to Glencoe, Illinois where he continued writing and served as the village clerk.

  • sports aircraft built in the United States in the early 1930s by the Granville Brothers. They were low - wing strut - and wire - braced monoplanes of conventional
  • most of his life in service to Granville County, North Carolina. In 1756, after several years working for Earl Granville as a surveyor, Thomas Person was
  • Robert Granville Stone June 27, 1907 February 1, 2002 was an American philatelic scholar who devoted over fifty years to the study of certain specific
  • promoted by the Campaign to Protect Rural England. Elton Hall was built by Sir Richard Sapcote d 1477 who married Isabel Wolston, widow of Sir John Frauncis
  • Earl of Granville The walls of the hall are lined with prints of the Wedgwood family and Wedgwood pottery. The cellars beneath Etruria Hall were where
  • residents. Named South Campus Residence Hall when opened in 2009, the dorm was rededicated as the Renee Granville - Grossman Residential Commons in February
  • had married Granville Harcourt Vernon, son of the Archbishop of York. The property passed down in the Harcourt - Vernon family to Granville Charles FitzHerbert
  • psychologist. He earned his Ph D under the supervision of Granville Stanley Hall at Johns Hopkins University, and then moved with Hall to Clark University in
  • when it was demolished. George Granville Leveson - Gower after his marriage in 1765, considered even the mid - 18th century Hall too small but it was not until
  • Greg Hall disambiguation multiple people Granville Stanley Hall 1844 1924 American psychologist Gus Hall 1910 2000 American Communist, party leader

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