ⓘ Tricuspidal Turbine Technology

Tricuspidal Turbine Technology

ⓘ Tricuspidal Turbine Technology

"Tricuspidal Turbine Technology and offshore power plants for general focusing and simultaneously conversion of three sources of Ocean Kinetic Energy" is an ocean energy rig converting motions of waves, tide and ocean current into electricity independent of alternating combinations of those renewable resources. It is developed by Foundation Renewable, a Norwegian research institution located in Bergen, Norway.

Ocean energy complexity on the high seas can be described as a combination of three sources of ocean kinetic energy, continuously changing direction and strength. Ocean current and tidal are the less challenging sources of ocean kinetic energy. Ocean waves may be characterized as, what is described in oceanography literature" chaotic wave”. Waves come from various directions, representing a range of wave heights and wavelengths further., the amount of energy in waves, rises exponentially as we move upwards through the circular motions of water particles towards the crest of waves.

This creates a challenging environment, both in terms of withstanding the raw forces of nature, but also in terms of reliably converting and utilizing the available energy.

There has been a handful of commercial projects exploring technology to utilize renewable ocean energy such as wave,tidal and ocean current power. E.g (E. g). Sotenas Wave Farm in Sweden, Ada Foah Wave farm in Ghana. Some solutions may choose to focus the design around conversion of (around the conversion of) a single source of energy e.g. wave power, while Tricuspidal turbines have the ability to convert energy from more than one source.