ⓘ Tamar Nais Hodel


ⓘ Tamar Nais Hodel

Tamar Nais Hodel daughter to Dr. George Hodel, was sexually abused and raped for many years by her father who is widely known for his involvement in the Black Dahlia murder case. She would then go to trial, juvenile detention, and endure sexual abuse again in her later life. It was not until she moved to the state of Hawaii that she lived a trouble-free life.


1. Early years

Tamar Nais Hodel, daughter of Dr. George Hodel and Dorothy Anthony, was born in San Francisco, California. Tamar was named after a character in a poem by her fathers friend, Robinson Jeffers. This poem involved a relationship between a brother and a sister. Her father, Dr. George Hill Hodel, was the Chief of the L.A. County Health Departments Social Hygiene Unit. He was known to perform abortions out of his private First Street Clinic in DTLA. By the age of nine, when Tamar began going through the stages of puberty, her father invited her to come to live with him in Los Angeles, away from her birth mother and the elite private schools she had been attending. George Hodel was known for hosting elaborate parties that were centrally focused on sexual freedom. Tamar stated that her father was, "treated like God" by women. Therefore, soon after Tamar had started to live with him in his mansion, she was forced to mature at a faster pace than most nine-year-old girls. By age eleven, Tamar had been photographed naked by her fathers friend, Man Ray, and had performed oral sex on her father. She states her father deemed it "training", and would make her perform oral sex on him until she stopped gagging and throwing up.


2. The rape

At the age of fourteen, Tamar was raped by her father, George Hodel. He claimed he would wait until she was sixteen to make her "a woman", but he did not. Her father, also allegedly, discussed how a sexual relationship between a father and daughter is special. After the rape, Tamar was pregnant and told by her father to keep his baby, but she did not. Upon telling a high school friend, Tamar was advised to have an abortion, which she did. Tamar considered herself to be a "prisoner" in her own home, as high school friends were not able to come over after the abortion since her dad would threaten them while holding a gun. It was not until 1949, that Tamar ran away from home after her new stepmom, Dorero warned her of her fathers ill intentions with women. This was after the infamous murder of Elizabeth Short, or the "Black Dahlia", in 1947, which George Hodel is suspected of committing. High school friends hid Tamar and relocated her every two hours until her father filed a missing person report to the police who found her in three days time.


3. The trial

Tamar was found hiding at her friends home and after being taken into custody by LAPD made the disclosure related to having had sexual relations with her father and was detained at LA County Juvenile Hall. Dr. Hodel was arrested and charged with Incest and Child Molestation by LAPD and a three-week trial was held in December 1949 in which defense attornies for Dr. Hodel claimed that she had accused her father of the Black Dahlia Murder. However, George Hodel was acquitted of the charges as lawyers argued, according to the Los Angeles Times, "an all-out smear campaign against Tamar, calling her a promiscuous, incorrigible, pathological liar". Even with two witnesses who claimed they saw George force sexual relations on his daughter, he was still free to go while she was sent to a juvenile detention center. While there she was branded, "Tamar the Liar". After being released at the age of fifteen, Tamar moved into her birth mothers home in San Francisco, where she was raped and impregnated again by a neighborhood boy. This time she kept the baby and named her newborn daughter, Fauna Hodel after another poem by Robinson Jeffers. However, she would not raise this child. Instead, her mother, Dorothy Anthony, gave Fauna up for adoption to an African American maid in Reno, Nevada. The babys father had been documented as black on the official birth certificate, despite him actually being white. Tamar claims she did this to "ensure that the child would never return to emotionally reclusive white family." At the age of 19, Fauna learned that she was actually the granddaughter of George Hodel, thus realizing she was not black, something that she felt was integral to her identity growing up.


4. Friendship with Michelle Phillips

Michelle Phillips and Tamar Hodel met on the porch of Tamars Los Angeles home in 1957. At the time, Michelle was 13 years old, unaware of who Tamar Hodel was, and Tamar was married to folk-singer Stan Wilson with daughter, Debbie. Tamar is quoted saying, "Meeting Michelle felt destined, as if we’d known each other in another life." Tamar introduced Michelle to the high class lifestyle, supplying her with amphetamines, a fake ID, expensive clothing, driving classes, and enrollment at a modeling school. Tamar did confide in Michelle about her past and the nude photoshoots with Man Ray and sexual abuse of her father, George Hodel. The pair were very close, as Michelle says, "I took one look and said, New best friend!” Tamar would sleep with Gil, Michelles father, to appease him since he was concerned about the nature of their friendship. In 1961, Tamar and Michelle moved to San Francisco together into a lavender-painted apartment. While in San Francisco the two women became involved with a folk music group called The Journeymen, and one of the members was John Phillips. John and Michelle would later form the folk music band, the Mamas and the Papas.


5. Personal life

In her teenage years, Tamar married two times. Once was to an artist in Mexico and then to singer Stan Wilson. During her marriage to Wilson, Tamar gave birth to a baby girl named Deborah. Tamar ended the marriage after Stan tried to get into bed with Michelle Phillips. Deborah was later molested by her grandfather, George Hodel, at the age of 13. Deborah didn’t want to be Deborah anymore and changed her name to Fauna Elizabeth because of the horrific things that she had already endured. She never thought she would meet her older sister named Fauna after she was given up for adoption at birth. Tamar lived in Hawaii, and there she had three sons: Peace on Earth, Love now a pro surfer, and Joy to the World Hodel. There was a falling out between Tamar and her daughter, FaunaElizabeth. FaunaElizabeth stated, "My mother used me as a vehicle to make money. She hated being poor, so she would send me overnight to mens homes when I was 11". However, when Tamar Hodel died at 80 years old in 2015, she died with the forgiveness of FaunaElizabeth.

  • Francisco, Hodel was the first child of 16 - year - old Tamar Nais Hodel and the granddaughter of Los Angeles doctor and socialite George Hodel Fauna s birth

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