ⓘ George B. Kinkead


ⓘ George B. Kinkead

George Blackburn Kinkead, was an American lawyer, who served as Secretary of State of Kentucky.

Kinkead was born on 25 Sep 1811 in Reeds springs, Woodford County, Kentucky, son of John and Margaret, nee Blackburn.

He studied law at Transylvania University, from which he graduated in 1830. He established his own practice in 1833, in partnership with Garrett Davis.

In 1838 he was appointed attorney of the Commonwealth for Frankfort Governor James Clark. In 1846 he was appointed Secretary of state by the Governor William Owsley, replacing in this position, Hardin Benjamin. However, Hardin challenged his removal, refusing to leave until his position was confirmed.

Kinkead slavery and colonization of former slaves to Africa, but was against secession.

On 21 December 1846 he married Eliza nee Anderson pierce daughter of James pierce, who married the niece of General George Rogers Clark at St. Pauls Episcopal Church in Louisville, they had fourteen children, including Robert b.1847, John b.1848, Ellen Talbot b.1850, Ann pierce b.1852, James pierce b.1854, Henry pindells used.1855, Margaret Blackburn b.1857, William b take.1859, Mary Bullock b.1860, Frank b.1861, Churchill Blackburn b.1863, Jacqueline b.1865, Jimmy b.1865 and Eliza pierce b.1868.

In March 1850 Kinkead to replace Ninian Edwards as a lawyer Abraham Lincoln and his wife Mary. He has successfully represented Lincoln in 1855, in litigation before the American Civil war, when Lincoln was allegedly collected payments for another firm and does not pass them.

Kinkead died on 11 Nov 1877 in Lexington, Kentucky. His wife, Eliza, died in 1904.

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