ⓘ Bingham, New Mexico


ⓘ Bingham, New Mexico

Bingham, is a populated place in Socorro County, New Mexico. It lies at an elevation of 5.485 feet / 1.672 meters along Highway 380 halfway between San Antonio and Carrizozo. It has had a post office since 1934, now located at 33°54′39″N 106°20′58″W.

  • predecessors, the Spanish and Mexican Nuevo Mexico and the American New Mexico Territory. They are referred to by the demonym New Mexican and by the Spanish
  • New Mexico This is intended to be a complete list of the properties and districts on the National Register of Historic Places in Socorro County, New
  • open pits in Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada. As the mine in Utah expanded, it subsumed the land on which the City of Bingham Canyon was built, and the
  • new posse consisted of a total of about 200 men, both civilians and lawmen. Meanwhile, Lopez went to hide in the Minnie Silver Mine outside Bingham
  • coheiress of the wealthy William Bingham of Blackpoint, Philadelphia, a US Senator. He was the younger brother of Bingham Baring. Francis was educated privately
  • appointed as U.S. consul - general to India and later served as the Governor of New Mexico Territory from 1871 to 1875. Giddings was born in Sherman, Connecticut
  • Hartt of Taos, New Mexico He played semi - pro baseball. While playing in Bingham Canyon, Utah he was asked to coach sports for Bingham High School and
  • Rita mine, is an open - pit copper mine located in the town of Santa Rita, New Mexico 15 miles 24 km east of Silver City. The mine was started as the Chino
  • Ryan Bingham and others. Bingham and Burnett received the 2009 Academy Award for Best Original Song for co - writing The Weary Kind which Bingham also
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