ⓘ Changle District

Changle District

ⓘ Changle District

Changle is one of 6 urban districts of the prefecture-level city of Fuzhou, the capital of Fujian Province, China. It occupies a land area of 648 square kilometers and a sea area of 1.327 square kilometers. Changle was established in the sixth year of Emperor Wude during the Tang Dynasty, and it became a county-level city on February 18, 1994. The district faces the East China Sea and is connected to Mawei district by the Min River. Due to an increase in businesses, the province is now one of the richest provinces in China. The city was upgraded to a district on August 2017 by a government proposal.

Located 30 kilometers 19 miles outside of Fuzhou Changle total population is 680.000, and is home to more than 700.000 overseas Chinese.

  • Jinting 金庭 Jiangzhen 蒋镇 Cangyan 苍岩 Ganlin 甘霖 Boji 博济 Kaiyuan 开元 Changle 长乐 Shihuang 石璜 Furun 富润 Chongren 崇仁 Gulai 谷来 Xianyan 仙岩 Shengzhou
  • built - up or metro area made up of 4 urban districts Kuiwen, Weicheng, Hanting and Fangzi and Changle County largely being urbanized. Weifang has numerous
  • Xiangcheng District simplified Chinese: 芗城区 traditional Chinese: 薌城區 pinyin: Xiāngcheng Qū Pe h - ōe - jī: Hiang - sêng - khu or Sin Kang District in Min Nan
  • 17 towns Baishui, Miluo 白水镇 Baitang, Miluo 白塘镇 Bishi, Miluo 弼时镇 Changle Miluo 长乐镇 Chuanshanping 川山坪镇 Dajing, Miluo 大荆镇 Guiyi 归义镇 Gupei
  • born in Yingling, Beihai Commandery, Qing Province, which is present - day Changle County, Shandong. His mother died when he was a young boy. At age 19, he
  • ethnic township in the county: Towns: Donglan Town 东兰镇 Aidong 隘洞镇 Changle 长乐镇 Sanshi 三石镇 Wuzhuan 武篆镇 Townships: Simeng Township 泗孟乡 Lanmu
  • Cangshan District simplified Chinese: 仓山区 traditional Chinese: 倉山區 pinyin: Cāngshān Qū, Fuzhou dialect: Chŏng - sang is one of 6 urban districts of the
  • promoted to county - level cities Changle became a district in 2017. Despite these changes, the administrative image of 5 districts and 8 counties is still held

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