ⓘ Faculty consulting


ⓘ Faculty consulting

Consulting by faculty members is the use of scholarly expertise for the benefit of organizations outside the scholarly community through friendship, volunteering or in return for some sort of compensation.

Universities have widely varying policies on faculty consulting, generally limiting the proportion of a faculty members time, which may be spent on consulting, and instituting rules to avoid conflicts of interest.

Consulting is distinguished from activities, which are scholarly or creative, from public service, and from outside activities which are unrelated to the area of scholarly expertise. For instance, a professor of history who designs sailboats on the side is not considered to be consulting, although a professor of engineering might be.

  • Accounting Student Consulting Centre Library The Faculty of Security Studies has three recognized student organizations: Student Club of the Faculty of Security
  • or private consulting agency. Additionally educators may pursue self - directed learning professional development, although the term faculty development
  • service its debt obligations. Faculty from the University of California at Berkeley formed The Law and Economics Consulting Group, Inc. in 1988. Original
  • The University of Ljubljana s Faculty of Administration is a faculty involved mainly with training students in management and finance in the context of
  • work, professional and consulting activities in chemical engineering, chemistry and other fields. Early beginnings of faculty go back to 1919 with foundation
  • programs and consulting activities. The Faculty of Health is associated with Stong College and Calumet College. Harvey Skinner, former Dean Faculty of Health
  • teaching, research, animal patient consulting and care services. The idea about the foundation of a veterinary medical faculty in Bulgaria emerges because of
  • ZS Associates is a consulting and professional services firm focusing on consulting software, and technology, headquartered in Evanston, Illinois that
  • Association JMA consulting solving business challenges with Sasin Management Consulting and Japan Management Association Consulting JMAC Sasin Graduate
  • organizational units: Faculty of Tourism, Hotel and Trade Management Bar, Faculty of Economics and Business, Faculty of Visual Arts and Faculty of Information

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