ⓘ Rainbow Basin

Rainbow Basin

ⓘ Rainbow Basin

Rainbow Basin is a geological formation in the Calico Peaks range, located approximately 8 miles north of Barstow in the Mojave Desert in San Bernardino County, California.

Rainbow basin was declared a national natural monument and is located in the Bureau of land management managed rainbow natural pool area. Rainbow basin is a mixture of private and public land, but it is administered by the Bureau of land management. It is available to the public through the Irwin road from Barstow to an unpaved loop road through the colorful basin.

The pool is fantastic and beautiful shapes of its rocks: its fossil beds, which have provided scientists with valuable information about life in the middle Miocene, between 12 and 16 million years ago, and in the North-East calico ancient man site.

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  • 995259 and W - 116.838369 The Rainbow Basin geologic feature, in the Bureau of Land Management managed Rainbow Basin Natural Area, is just north of Barstow
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  • Bernardino County portion. The Rainbow Basin geologic feature, in the Bureau of Land Management - managed Rainbow Basin Natural Area, and Calico Ghost Town