ⓘ Bezzecca


ⓘ Bezzecca

Bezzecca was a comune in Trentino in the Italian region Trentino-Alto Adige/Sudtirol. On January 1, 2010 it merged in the new municipality of Ledro. It is located about 35 km southwest of Trento.

  • volunteers showed their value by achieving a decisive victory at the Battle of Bezzecca 21 July 1866 and thus nearly reaching the town of Trento. The 22nd Infantry
  • England. In 1866, alongside his father, he took part in the Battle of Bezzecca 1866 and the Battle of Mentana 1867 in 1870, during his father s expedition
  • Riva del Garda to Arco, 13.4 km 8.3 mi 20 April 2011 Dro to Ledro Bezzecca 184 km 114.3 mi 21 April 2011 Molina di Ledro to Fai della Paganella
  • 1969. Silver Medal of Military Valor for his fighting at the Battle of Bezzecca 21 July, 1866 Un lutto dell industria termominerale italiana - La morte
  • Garibaldi in the Trentino, and was wounded and made prisoner in the Battle of Bezzecca He trained under Giuseppe Bezzuoli and Enrico Pollastrini in Florence
  • 1861 cenni storici. Spoleto: Tipografia dell Umbria. U. Zaniboni Ferino, Bezzecca 1866. La campagna garibaldina dall Adda al Garda, Trento 1966. Filippo
  • in honor of the Garibaldino patriot Bonetti, who died at the Battle of Bezzecca The allegory depicts the personification of the city of Ferrara, who inscribes
  • war, though the corps of volunteers under Garibaldi did win a victory at Bezzecca The same contrast between royal war and people s war can be applied to
  • in the ranks of Garibaldi s partisans and participated in the battle of Bezzecca In 1873 he graduated in medicine at the University of Padua. After graduation

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