ⓘ Sergeant (disambiguation)

Sergeant (disambiguation)

ⓘ Sergeant (disambiguation)

  • The Sergeant Gordon Davis, a series of pulp novels by Len Levinson unrelated to the film
  • The Sergeant 1968 film, a 1968 drama starring Rod Steiger
  • Sergeant band, an indie band from Glenrothes, Scotland
  • The Sergeant 1910 film
  • Sergeant Enders Shadow, a character in Orson Scott Cards novel Enders Shadow
  • The Sergeant 1991 film Iranian film directed by Masoud Kimiai

1. Other uses

  • Sergeants Crag, Lake District, England
  • Sergeant Sweden and Finland, a military rank
  • MGM-29 Sergeant, a US short-range rocket of the 1960s
  • Sergeants, butterflies in the genus Athyma
  • Sergeant surname
  • Sergeant Township, Pennsylvania, United States
  • on the UNACO screenplay by Alistair MacLean Death Train, first of The Sergeant series of novels by Len Levinson writing as Gordon Davis Death Train
  • album a 2008 album by Jerry Douglas Glide, stage name of guitarist Will Sergeant Glide, a song by the jam band Phish from their 1992 album A Picture of
  • of Management GSM Barcelona Garrison Sergeant Major, in the British Army General Service Medal disambiguation various campaign medals Gas turbine
  • Henry Little may refer to: Henry F. W. Little, sergeant in the Union Army and Medal of Honor recipient in the American Civil War Henry Little jockey
  • 1970 2011 Russian hockey player Lev Korolyov disambiguation multiple people Nikolay Korolyov sergeant 1921 1943 Hero of the Soviet Union Nikolay
  • player William A. Connelly born 1931 sixth Sergeant Major of the Army William Connolly disambiguation William Connolley born 1964 software engineer
  • Dunne British Army soldier 1914 2014 sergeant in the Irish Guards Joe E. Dunne 1881 American politician from Oregon Joe Dunn disambiguation

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