ⓘ Naval Consulting Board

Naval Consulting Board

ⓘ Naval Consulting Board

The Naval Consulting Board, also known as the Naval Advisory Board, was a US Navy organization established in 1915 by Josephus Daniels, the Secretary of the Navy at the suggestion of Thomas Alva Edison. Daniels created the Board with membership drawn from eleven engineering and scientific organizations two years before the United States entered World War I to provide the country with the "machinery and facilities for utilizing the natural inventive genius of Americans to meet the new conditions of warfare." Daniels was concerned that the U.S. was unprepared for the new conditions of warfare and that they needed access to the newest technology.

  • Logistics Management Institute, a government consulting firm. He was also a member of the Defense Science Board the Council on Foreign Relations, and the
  • government service in 2001 and founded the Henry Consulting Group, becoming its president. Henry Consulting Group specializes in personnel, healthcare, and
  • VIAcode Consulting LLC formerly AVIcode Consulting is a privately held multinational software development and consulting firm headquartered in West Hartford
  • Lewis Nixon April 7, 1861 September 23, 1940 was a naval architect, shipbuilding executive, public servant, and political activist. He designed the
  • Center for Naval Analyses, is President of Leighton Smith Associates and Vice President of Global Perspectives, Inc., both international consulting firms.
  • C. where his father served as a naval officer during World War I. Connor attended Boston College and the U.S. Naval Academy where he was a graduate of
  • advisor in 2009. In 2016 he formed the consulting firm Acorn Advisors, LLC, with Sophia Shaw. Collins serves on the board of directors of Alcoa, The Boeing
  • Ogilvie resigned from the Air Board in 1919, being placed on the RAF unemployed list on 10 March. He then worked as a consulting aeronautical engineer under

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