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Chateaubriant, Breton: Kastell-Briant, Gallo: Chatiaoberiant) is a town in western France, about 350 km southwest of Paris, and one of the three sous-prefectures of the Loire-Atlantique department. Chateaubriant is also situated in the historical and cultural region of Brittany, and it is the capital of the Pays de la Mee.

Its inhabitants are called Castelbriantais, and the commune of châteaubriant proper had 12.067 residents in 2015, and its small urban area consisted 24.496 residents in 2015.

Part of the traditional province of Brittany, Chateaubriand is also on the verge of Anjou, and it was an important fortress on the North-West of France in the Middle ages. The city arose in the 11th century, around the castle and monastery. At the fair, which still exists, was founded in 1050. Châteaubriant played a certain role during the mad war between France and Brittany and became one of the most important cultural centers in the 16th century, when the castle in the Renaissance style was built in a medieval fortress.

The town is located between Nantes and Rennes, and tends to be economically oriented to the latter. Medieval fair and cattle market are still important to the local economy, but Chateaubriand was also developed by the metallurgical industry during the 19th century, and then manufacture the plastic for the 20th century.

Chateaubriand remarkable château de châteaubriant, which combines a large medieval castle and Renaissance Palace. Also in town is the Church of the 11th century and the medieval town centre with half-timbered houses and the remains of the city walls. During the Second world war, châteaubriant was a concentration camp, and he is known in France on the 27 hostages who were shot here in 1941.

  • portant suppression des arrondissements de Chateaubriant et d Ancenis et creation de l arrondissement de Chateaubriant - Ancenis departement de la Loire - Atlantique
  • This list is ordered from source to mouth: Loire - Atlantique: Soudan, Chateaubriant Rouge, Saint - Aubin - des - Chateaux, Sion - les - Mines, Mouais, Derval, Ille - et - Vilaine:
  • French - Canadian mining engineer, civil servant, professor, and author. Born in Chateaubriant France, of Polish origin from his father s side of the family, Obalski
  • Françoise of Dinan died 1500 baronne of Chateaubriant Guy XIV had no rights on the barony of Chateaubriant The Vatican archives contain two solicitations
  • imprisoned in Nantes, 27 at Chateaubriant and 5 from Nantes who were imprisoned in Paris. Two days later, the 27 prisoners at Chateaubriant were shot in three
  • Paris Metro Charles Michels 6 March 1903, Paris - 22 October 1941, Chateaubriant was a trade unionist and communist militant. He was deputy of the 15th
  • Parana in the Southern Region of Brazil Rodovia Assis Chateaubriand, Brazilian road Le Chateaubriand, Parisian restaurant Chateaubriant disambiguation
  • 1955 by the French military engineer and general Jean Gillois born in Chateaubriant 1909 Tray Gillois entered service with the French army in 1965. A
  • responsible for the women s sector. She became the socialist mayor of Chateaubriant in 1989 and was re - elected in 1995. She fostered inter - municipal cooperation

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