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Zaliakalnis is an elderate in Lithuanias second largest city, Kaunas. Zaliakalnis is located north of the old town and the city center area, between the Neris and Girstupis valleys. It is one of the largest residential areas in Kaunas, with a population of 38.480 in 2006.

  • replaced with modern bus lines, new suburbs were planned and built Zaliakalnis neighbourhood in particular and new parks and squares were established
  • possibility. The first Lithuanian primary schools were established in Sanciai, Zaliakalnis and by the Holy Cross Church in summer 1906. On 12 June 1906, Olsauskas
  • the LAF were concentrated in Kaunas. At 10 am LAF held a meeting in Zaliakalnis dividing the responsibilities. It was decided that the main goal is
  • member of the academy in 1936. In 1922, he proposed to build a church in Zaliakalnis neighborhood of Kaunas as a monument to Lithuania s independence. The
  • three - storey brick building at a cost of 155, 000 rubles, was completed in Zaliakalnis in 1914. Upon the return, Tumas visited variousl Lithuanian towns and
  • Kubilius 1992 Nationwide Gabrielius Landsbergis 2016 Centras Kaunas - Zaliakalnis Tadas Langaitis 2016 Nationwide Mykolas Majauskas 2016 Senamiestis Kestutis
  • by Juozas Olekas Succeeded by Juozas Olekas Member of the Seimas for Zaliakalnis constituency In office 15 November 2004  14 November 2016 Preceded by
  • Sanciai Szance Шанцы Sancy Silainiai Vilijampole Wiliampol Slobodka Слободка Slobodka Слабодка Slabodka סלאבאדקע Slobodka Zaliakalnis Zielona Gora

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