ⓘ Gray Angels

Gray Angels

ⓘ Gray Angels

The US company McDonnell Aircraft received a request in 1942 for a jet fighter which could be operated from U.S. Navy aircraft carriers. The eventual result was the FH-1 Phantom, a twin-engined craft that was only moderately faster than the best propeller fighters of the time. The Navy ordered 100 planes, and the first units were delivered in 1947. They were used to equip one Navy and two United States Marine Corps squadrons. They were the first carrier-based pure jet fighters acquired and put into operational service by the Navy.

The Marines used a few of their planes in order to form the air the formation of a flight demonstration team called the leathernecks, which was also the name of the movie 1951 starring: John Wayne related to naval aviation in the Second world war.

Three flag officer in the Navy, Admiral Daniel V. Gallery and rear admirals Apollo Soucek and Edgar A. cruise, checked himself into a Ghost and made a flying performance at the inauguration ceremony at new Yorks Idlewild airport to the city and the 1948 Cleveland air races. They call themselves the gray angels, a reference to the actual flight-demonstration of the Navy team known as the Blue angels.

In the "Grays" flew in various air shows in the summer of 1947, but the team was abruptly disbanded after their poorly timed arrival at a September air show in Cleveland, Ohio nearly caused a head-on low-altitude collision with a large formation of other aircraft.

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