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Dreux was known in ancient times as Durocassium, the capital of the Durocasses Celtic tribe. Despite the legend, its name was not related with Druids. The Romans established here a fortified camp known as Castrum Drocas.

In the Middle ages, Dreux was the centre of the County of Dreux. The first count of Dreux was Robert, the son of king Louis the fat. The first major battle of the French wars of religion occurred at Dreux on 19 December 1562, the result of a strong-willed victory of the Catholic forces of the Duc de Montmorency.

In October 1983, the front national won 55% of votes in the second round of elections of the city Council of Dreux, in one of its first significant victories in the elections.

  • The Royal Chapel of Dreux Chapelle royale de Dreux situated in Dreux France, is the traditional burial place of members of the House of Orleans. It
  • Henri de Dreux 1193 1240 was Archbishop of Reims from 1227 to 1240. He is commemorated by a window in Reims Cathedral. He was an active builder, but
  • Adele of Dreux 1145 aft. 1210 was a member of Norman French nobility, daughter of Robert I, Count of Dreux and his second wife Hawise of Salisbury
  • Françoise de Dreux d. after 1681 was a French noble, an accused in the famous Poison Affair. Françoise de Dreux was married to a member of the Paris
  • Pierre - Alfred Dedreux, who signed his works as Alfred de Dreux 23 March 1810, in Paris 5 March 1860, in Paris was a French portrait and animal painter
  • Philippa of Dreux Dame de Coucy 1192 1242 was a daughter of Robert II of Dreux and his second wife Yolande de Coucy. Philippa was the fifth of seven
  • supports general aviation with no commercial airline service scheduled. Dreux airport was built in the 1920s as a grass airfield. In the 1930s it was
  • Jean Dreux is a former French slalom canoeist who competed in the 1950s. He won a gold medal in the C - 2 team event at the 1951 ICF Canoe Slalom World
  • Nicolas Dreux born 1956 is a Haitian painter. Born and raised in Port - au - Prince. He showed an early interest in painting and studied under Calixte Henri
  • Peter, 1298 3 November 1345 Count of Dreux was the youngest son of John II, Count of Dreux and Jeanne of Beaujeu. He participated in the war of Philip

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