ⓘ Ghayn (Cyrillic)

Ghayn (Cyrillic)

ⓘ Ghayn (Cyrillic)

The Cyrillic letter Ge stroke or Ayn is a Г with a horizontal stroke. It is used in Kazakh and Uzbek where it represents a voiced uvular fricative /ʁ/. Despite having a similar shape, it is not related to the of the Latin alphabet. In Kazakh, this letter may also represent the voiced velar fricative /ɣ/. It was also used in Uzbek before the adoption of the Latin alphabet in 1992 - this letter corresponds to G in the Uzbek Latin alphabet.

The letter is also used in Azerbaijani, Bashkir, Tajik, Karakalpak, and in Siberian Tatar.

Unicode renders this letter as "Ghe with stroke".

  • thus: ة or ـة although in Ottoman texts the dots are often omitted Ghayn and gef were known to make a v sound in words with considerable Azeri
  • Latin, currently using Cyrillic phasing in Latin Kyrgyz in Kyrgyzstan until the 1930s, changed to Latin, now uses the Cyrillic script Mandarin Chinese
  • Dād Zāʾ Ghayn Phonemic representation dˤ zˤ, dˤ Position in alphabet 27 Numerical value 900 Alphabetic derivatives of the Phoenician
  • Trans - literation 100 ق q āf q 200 ر rāʾ r 300 ش shīn sh 400 ت tāʾ t 500 ث thāʾ th 600 خ khāʾ kh 700 ذ dhāl dh 800 ض dād d 900 ظ zāʾ z 1000 غ ghayn gh
  • dhadhe d ɬˤ ፀ ض gimel g ɡ ገ ג ﺝ ܓ daleth d d ደ ד ﺩ ܕ ghayn g ɣ غ teth t tˤ ጠ ט ﻁ ܛ zayn z z ዘ ז ﺯ ܙ dhaleth

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