ⓘ Ve (Cyrillic)

Ve (Cyrillic)

ⓘ Ve (Cyrillic)

Ve is a letter of the Cyrillic script. It commonly represents the voiced labiodental fricative /v, like ⟨v⟩ in v ase".

The capital letter Ve looks the same as the capital Latin letter B, but is pronounced differently.

Ve is romanized usually by the Latin letter V but sometimes the Latin letter W such as in Polish or German.


1. History

Both Ve and the Cyrillic letter Be б were derived from the Greek letter Beta Β β, which already represented /v/ in Greek by the time the Cyrillic alphabet was created.

In the Early Cyrillic alphabet, its name was вѣдѣ vede, meaning "I know".

In the Cyrillic numeral system, it had the value of 2.


2. Usage

In Russian and Bulgarian, Ve generally represents /v, but at the end of a word or before voiceless consonants, it represents the voiceless I was.

In Tuvan, it is used for /ʋ/.

In Mongolian, Kalmyk, and Dungan, it is used for /w/.

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