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ⓘ Agout

The Agout is a 194.4-kilometre long river in south-western France. It is a left tributary of the Tarn. Its source is in the southern Massif Central, in the Haut-Languedoc Regional Nature Park. It flows generally west through the following department and towns:

  • Tarn: Brassac, Castres, Lavaur, Saint-Sulpice
  • Herault: La Salvetat-sur-Agout

The Agout flows into the Tarn at Saint-Sulpice.

Among its tributaries are the Dadou, the Gijou and the Thore.

  • north to south by the Agout and Durenque rivers. The Thore forms most of the commune s south - eastern border, then flows into the Agout which forms part of
  • the area s most popular attractions. The tributaries of the Tarn include: Agout in Saint - Sulpice Alrance Aveyron near Montauban Cernon Dourbie in Millau
  • Sainte - Ramee Saint - Fort - sur - Gironde Saint - Genis - de - Saintonge Saint - Georges - des - Agoûts Saint - Germain - du - Seudre Saint - Gregoire - d Ardennes Saint - Leger Saint - Martial - de - Mirambeau
  • de Magrin Built on a height of 330 meters overlooking the valley of the Agout and hillsides of Lauragais, the site may have been occupied by a Gallic
  • Rabastens - Couffouleux Saint - Sulpice - sur - Tarn Semalens Tanus Tessonnieres Vielmur - sur - Agout Vindrac - Cordes Albias Castelsarresin Caussade Dieupentale Golfech Grisolles
  • decouverte, located in a former open - sky mine. Castres and its houses on the Agoût River, the Goya Museum and Jean Jaures Museum. Carmaux and its Glass Museum
  • 490 to 610 m 1, 600 to 2, 000 ft high, separate the valley of the river Agout from that of its western tributary, the Thore River. The Montagne Noire
  • battle. The Frankish troops were beaten by the Aquitanians near the river Agout and were forced to retreat without significant accomplishments. However

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