ⓘ Alatyr River

Alatyr River

ⓘ Alatyr River

Alatyr River is a river in Mordovia in Russia, Suras left tributary. The length of the river is 296 km. The area of its basin is 11.200 km². The Alatyr freezes up in November and stays icebound until April. The towns of Ardatov and Alatyr Mordvin name Rator Osh, are located on the Alatyr River.

  • After 37 years there, he was transferred to the beautiful Alatyr Monastery along the Volga River that was in need of restoration. Having done much for its
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  • representative lowland river environment, with a slow current. The lakes and swamps are mainly concentrated in the floodplain of the Alatyr River Marshes are mainly
  • of Greek territory. The Russian village of Astradamovka, located in the Alatyr oblast later the Ulyanovsk Oblast was destroyed by a fire which killed
  • diocese consisted of two parts on the right and left banks of the Dnieper River within subsequently ceded to Chernihiv and Poltava provinces. Most of the
  • of Waikato River goes online Radio New Zealand. 5 March 2019. New Zealand s longest river on Google street view Stuff. Waikato River added to Google
  • Monastery just north of the old city walls on the left bank of the Volkhov River the reestablishment of a library in the Cathedral of Holy Wisdom, and other
  • The tornado also tore asphalt from a highway near Ivanovo. Near the Volga River the tornado ripped up trees by their roots and destroyed many small huts
  • the years 1718 - 1720 from the Patriarch of land were transferred to the rivers Don and Hopper, and in 1720 joined the Department of Ryazan. Metropolitan
  • locations Irbit, Tavda, Orlovsky, Kotelnikovo, Leninsk, Akhtubinsk, Uryupinsk, Alatyr Krasnoslobodsk, Lebedyan and more locations Sakıp Sabancı Museum, The Museum

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