ⓘ Baikal Mountains

Baikal Mountains

ⓘ Baikal Mountains

The Baikal Mountains or Baikal Range rise steeply over the northwestern shore of Lake Baikal in southern Siberia, Russia. The Central Siberian Plateau is bounded on the south by the Eastern Sayan Mountains and the Baikal Mountains.

The Baikal Mountains are the origin of the Lena River. The mountains around Lake Baikal are densely wooded with Grey Alder, Eurasian Aspen, Downy Birch, Siberian Larch, Siberian Fir, Scots Pine, and Siberian Spruce.

Its highest peak is the Chersky Mountain 2.572 m named after the Polish explorer, Jan Czerski.

  • the northern end of Lake Baikal at the mouth of the Tyya River. To the west the town is surrounded by the Baikal Mountains to the northeast by the Stanovoy
  • Thymallus baicalensis Dybowski, 1874 - Baikal black grayling Thymallus brevipinnis Svetovidov ru 1931 - Baikal white grayling Thymallus brevirostris
  • third - largest lake island in the world. It is by far the largest island in Lake Baikal in eastern Siberia, with an area of 730 km2 280 sq mi Structurally, it
  • 1927 Dikov N.N., Bronze Age in E. Baikal Ulan - Ude, 1958 Grishin S. Bronze and early Iron Age of the E. Baikal Moscow, 1975 Konstantinov A.V., Konstantinova
  • river in Siberia to the north of Lake Baikal It is 320 kilometres 200 mi long and rises north - east of Lake Baikal flowing south - west through the Buryat
  • valley of Lake Baikal southwest to the border of Mongolia. To the north and west of the valley is the eastern edge of the Sayan Mountains To the east are
  • located in the Trans - Baikal conifer forests ecoregion, a region of extensive conifer forests, primarily of Dahurian larch, in the mountains and hills east and
  • purposes occupy about 60 of the coast of the Lake Baikal scenic mountain ranges offer many sites for mountain tourism, mountaineering and skiing. Lakes and
  • on the western slopes of the range. South Siberian Mountains Kozhov, M. 2013 - 11 - 11 Lake Baikal and Its Life. Springer Science Business Media. p. 9

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