ⓘ Trams in Alexandria

Trams in Alexandria

ⓘ Trams in Alexandria

The Alexandria tramway network serves the city of Alexandria, Egypt. It began operating in 1863, and consists of 20 lines operating on 32 kilometers of track, serving 140 stops. It is one of only a few tram systems in the world that uses double-deck cars; other examples are in Blackpool in the UK and Hong Kong. The system is 1.435 mm standard gauge.


1. History

The license to build a tramway system was issued on 16 August 1860, and the first line of the network began operating in on 8 January 1863. In addition to the Al Raml line there is an extensive network of tram lines running in the streets of central and western Alexandria.


2. Fare

As of 2019, the price of a single tram ride depends on the standard of the tramcar. If the tram does not have curtains usually the last carriage, the price is L.E. 1. For a carriage with curtains, the price is L.E. 2. A special "Tram Cafe" was inaugurated in 2015, on which a fare of L.E. 5 is charged.


3. Fleet

Current cars in use:

  • Egypt SEMAF ARE 2009 3 cars - designed by Kinki Sharyo
  • Japan Kinki Sharyo/Fuji Heavy Industries 1982 28 cars from 2 orders
  • Hungary Ganz-Mavag EMU 1985-86 29 cars
  • Japan Kinki Sharyo 1975-1995 25 cars with 6 double decker cars

Works cars

  • Poland NEWAG Oberhausen 2005 1 work car and 1997 1 work car
  • Austria Plasser & Theurer 1990s 1 work car - track tamper

Retired or in storage

  • Germany - Duewag GT-6 1960-66 97 cars- second hand from Copenhagen Tramways and mostly retired
  • Switzerland - Maschinenfabrik Oerlikon 1925 1 work car and now museum piece
  • Canada/United States - Canadian Car and Foundry/St. Louis Car Company PCC - Alexandria acquired 140 used Toronto PCC streetcars in 1968, but all retired in 1984.
  • Former Czechoslovakia - ČKD Several second hand KT4D from Potsdam and Berlin Tramways, built by the former Czechoslovak manufacturer Tatra and acquired since 2015. These vehicles are not yet in use by 2017.

Source: Cairo and Alexandria Tram fleet


4. Tram lines

The tram transportation system in Alexandria consists of two systems:

Tram Al Ramlh

Al Ramlh trams cars are characterized by their blue and cream livery.

Route 1 serves the following stations:

Route 2 serves the following stations:

Route 25 Red and Yellow Tram runs on both Tram Al Ramlh and Tram El Medina tracks and serves the following stations:

Route 36 Red and Yellow Tram runs on both Tram Al Ramlh and Tram El Medina tracks and serves the following stations:

Tram Al Madina

Characterised with its yellow colour except for routes 25 & 36 these are red and yellow.

There are 16 routes on this network.

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