ⓘ Independent reading

Independent reading

ⓘ Independent reading

Independent reading is a term used in educational settings, where students are involved in choosing and reading material for their independent consumption and enjoyment. Students that read independently have an emphasized creative choice in what they want to read and choose to learn. Usually, Independent Reading takes place alongside the ongoing curriculum in the classroom or homeschool. Independent Reading can be tied to assessment and evaluation or remain as an activity in itself.


1. Some of the Aims of Independent Reading

Students will

  • Receive higher test scores.
  • Learn that literature can enrich their lives.
  • Discover that they can think and write in a meaningful way about their reading.
  • Read more willingly and more often.
  • Become more interested in the printed word in general, including their own writing.
  • Become more receptive to enrichment activities related to their reading.
  • Expand their vocabulary.

2. How to include Independent Reading into a Routine

Teachers can

  • Have a book report due where the student chooses and reads a book of their choice and explains it to the class.
  • Allot time each to independent, where the student will choose a book and read for that amount of time.
  • Set a number of pages that students have to read by the end of a specific timeframe.

Parents can:

  • Set a certain amount of time that their child has to read.
  • Have their children read them books of their choice.
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