ⓘ Shigefumi Mori

Shigefumi Mori

ⓘ Shigefumi Mori

Shigefumi Mori is a Japanese mathematician, known for his work in algebraic geometry, particularly in relation to the classification of three-folds.


1. Career

Mori completed his PhD titled "The Endomorphism Rings of Some Abelian Varieties" under Masayoshi Nagata at Kyoto University in 1978. He was visiting professor at Harvard University during 1977–1980, the Institute for Advanced Study in 1981–82, Columbia University 1985–87 and the University of Utah for periods during 1987–89 and again during 1991–92. He has been a professor at Kyoto University since 1990.


2. Work

He generalized the classical approach to the classification of algebraic surfaces to the classification of algebraic three-folds. The classical approach used the concept of minimal models of algebraic surfaces. He found that the concept of minimal models can be applied to three-folds as well if we allow some singularities on them. The extension of Moris results to dimensions higher than three is called the minimal model program and is an active area of research in algebraic geometry.

He has been elected president of the International Mathematical Union, becoming the first head of the group from East Asia.


3. Selected publications

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  • PhD, Araujo developed techniques related to Japanese mathematician Shigefumi Mori s proposed theory of rational curves of minimal degree, which she published
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  • researching and teaching at the university. It includes one Fields Medalist. Shigefumi Mori one of the 1990 Fields Medalists, spent most of his academic career
  • birational geometry by Shigefumi Mori to study the existence of rational curves on varieties. For a Fano variety of positive dimension Mori showed that there

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