ⓘ Yerong Creek

Yerong Creek

ⓘ Yerong Creek

Yerong Creek is a town in the Riverina area of southern New South Wales, Australia. It is about 46 kilometres south-west of Wagga on the Olympic Highway. At the 2016 census, Yerong Creek had a population of 352.

The station Yerong Creek is serviced twice a day TrainLink NSW XPT trains which travel along the main southern railway line between Sydney and Melbourne there is no stop listed in the schedule, Yerong Creek, the nearest stations are the rock to the North and Henty to the South. The city is home to a small population and tourists, rally of vintage.

Post office, Yerong Creek opened on October 1, 1882.

Whilst Yerong Creek is predominantly a mixed farming and pasture, it holds a claim in Australian history when in 1993 the XPT established by the Australian land speed record of 193 km / h 120 km / h between a nearby area known as table top and the town

Yerong Creek was also home to a rally of vintage, although that activity no longer carried out.